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Andrea Fox is a narrative non-fiction writer, blogger and full-time mom based in Boston.  Her parenting articles and personal essays have been published or are forthcoming in several print journals including Adoptive Families Magazine, Parents Magazine, Horn Book, Ladies Home Journal, and Boston Parents Paper, and on many on-line magazines including Eunoia Review, Parents, Babble,  BlogHer, and Errant Parent.

Andrea received her B.A. in English from Suffolk University and her Masters in Teaching from Brown University.  After teaching for several years in a juvenile detention center, she moved (escaped/fled) to South America, teaching and backpacking for two years before returning home to Boston to teach high school English. After nearly two decades of teaching, at the age of 44, she retired to be a stay-at-home mom to a 3-pound preemie whom she and her husband adopted.

At her narrative blog, Mom-enclature: The Language of Mothering, Andrea writes about her diurnal doings as a first-time, full-time, 40+ mom through adoption. She is at work on a memoir, Poured Out Like Water,  concerning the intersection of alcoholism, infertility, adoption and faith.

Her secret desire is to be a farmer and a triathlete, though she has made few strides towards the actualization of either dream. If she cannot be found, you may try to find her in La Paloma Uruguay or at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, two of her most favorite places on earth - besides a certain rocking chair next to a certain toddler's big girl bed reading a certain large green book with a tree and a boy on its cover.

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